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Grades 8-12

Unifying Themes

  1. Apply concepts of systems, subsystems, feedback, and control to solve technological problems.
  2. Use models as tools for predicting and understanding science and technology.
  3. Examine patterns in science and technology.
  4. Relate concepts and ideas using appropriate scales.
  5. Evaluate changes in natural, physical, and man-made systems.

Inquiry and Design

  1. Use scientific inquiry to improve and better understand how things work and to solve problems.
  2. Develop appropriate scientific experiments:
    • clarify a purpose
    • conduct research
    • formulate a hypothesis
    • plan and conduct an experiment
    • collect, organize, and analyze data
    • make conclusions
  3. Identify and safely utilize a variety of tools, materials, instruments, and techniques to solve problems, critically answer questions, and collect and analyze data.
  4. Apply and discuss the impact of scientific principles and technologies on societal issues.