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Eleventh Grade Core Learning Goals

Eleventh grade students engage in problem solving, communication, reasoning, connecting and representing as they:

  • Simplify square roots (e.g., the square root of 24)
  • Factor algebraic expressions, including the difference of squares and trinomials
  • Find the GCF for sets of monomials and /or factor polynomial expressions using the GCF
  • Simplify algebraic fractions
  • Solve problems using operations with rational numbers including rates and percents, distance, work and mixture problems
  • Solve problems using direct and inverse proportions
  • Simplify expressions involving multiply with exponents, powers of powers and powers of product
  • Use estimation strategies in problem-solving situations
  • Demonstrate skills for using computer spreadsheets and scientific and graphing calculators
  • Select and use appropriate mathematical concepts and techniques from different areas of mathematics and apply them to solving non-routine and multi-step problems
  • Find the measurement of a missing length, given the perimeter, circumference, area or volume
  • Construct a geometric figure and its image using various transformations
  • Solve problems involving right triangles and trigonometric functions
  • Describe the normal curve and use its properties to answer questions about sets of data that are assumed to be normally distributed
  • Design and conduct an experiment using random sampling. Describe the data as an example of a distribution using statistical measures of spread and central tendency. Organize and represent the results with graphs
  • Apply probability and statistics to perform an experiment involving a sample and generalize its results to the entire populations
  • Draw and/or write an equation for a line of best fit for a scatter plot
  • Determine, convert and/or compare the probability and/or odds of an even
  • Solve compound inequalities and graph their solutions on a number line
  • Analyze and categorize functions by their characteristics
  • Graph and interpret rates of growth/decay
  • Select and use an appropriate strategy to solve systems of equations and inequalities
  • Given the graph of the line, 2 points on the line or the slope and a point on a line, write the linear equation in point-slope, standard and/or slope-intercept form
  • Use matrices to organize and manipulate data, including matrix addition, subtraction, multiplication and scalar multiplication
  • Solve quadratic equations using factoring
  • Add, subtract and/or multiply polynomial expressions
  • Identify, describe, and/or use constant or varying rates of change
  • Determine the maximum or minimum of a quadratic function over a specified interval

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