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Ninth Grade Core Learning Goals

Ninth grade students engage in problem solving, communication, reasoning, connecting and representing as they:

  • Represent and/or use fractions as decimals and percents
  • Find the square root of an integer using a calculator or estimation
  • Express numbers and/or simplify expressions using scientific notation
  • Simplify expressions using the order of operations
  • Simplify expressions involving absolute value
  • Use estimation strategies in problem solving situations
  • Demonstrate skills for using computer spreadsheets and scientific and graphing calculators
  • Select and use appropriate mathematical concepts and techniques from different areas of mathematics and apply them to solving non-routine and multi-step problems
  • Estimate and/or determine area, perimeter or circumference of simple or complex figures
  • Calculate surface area or volume of prisms, cylinders, cones, pyramids and /or spheres using provided formulas
  • Find the measurement of a missing length given the perimeter, circumference, area or volume
  • Recognize and/or use the properties of a radius and diameter
  • Solve problems using the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Create, use and/or interpret appropriate graphical representations of data, including box-and-whisker plots, stem-and-leaf plots, scatter plots, line/double line, bar/double bar and circle graphs
  • Calculate, select and/or use the appropriate measure of central tendency (mean, median or mode) of a set of data given or represented on a table, line plot, or stem-and-leaf plot
  • Calculate and/or interpret the range, quartiles and interquartile range of sets of data
  • Describe how outliers affect measures of central tendency
  • Make predictions using the best-fit equations
  • Analyze a numerical pattern and represent the pattern algebraically and/or graphically
  • Determine the domain and range of a relation, given a graph or set of ordered pairs
  • Determine if a relation is a function when given a set of points or a graph
  • Write and solve a linear equation from given problem situations
  • Compute the slope of linear equation or graph
  • Match the graph of a given function to its table or equation
  • Graph linear functions in two variables

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